Our Mission

The automotive industry is crucial for Europe’s prosperity. The sector provides direct and indirect jobs to millions of EU citizens, representing 6.1% of total EU employment. While 2.6 million people work in the direct manufacturing of motor vehicles in the EU, the number engaged in their sale, distribution and maintenance amounts to 3.1 million, thereof 2 million are employed by authorised dealers and repairers. 

Retailers sustain EU manufacturing and employment; support the development and adoption of beneficial technologies; and are instrumental in driving choice, delivering lower prices and improving the sales and aftersales experience of EU consumers. 

AECDR is committed to ensuring that the EU’s motor retail sector remains the most competitive, consumer-centric model for vehicle distribution and servicing, and for the development and roll-out of innovative mobility solutions and related services. To succeed, this objective must be supported by insightful and balanced competition regulation, which: 

• Fosters confidence and investment at all levels of the supply chain, including in offline and online retail channels.
• Accommodates new product development and evolving consumer preferences.
• Improves the competitive independence of those closest to the consumer.
• Recognises the value of retailers as a crucial interface between manufacturers/OEMs and customers.